4 Reasons to Choose Faux Fur

4 Reasons to Choose Faux Fur

From being completely ethical to offering great value for money and being easy to clean and store, we explore four fantastic reasons to choose faux fur clothing and accessories over the real stuff.

1 - It’s animal and cruelty-free

Did you know over 50 million animals are killed each year just to make real fur products? Shocking, isn’t it? In contrast, no animals are harmed in making faux fur. Faux fur products are generally made with polymers, acrylics, and modacrylics, or blends of the three. These fabrics eliminate the incidents of maltreatment of animals, while providing other excellent benefits as discussed below. Because no animals are used or harmed in making faux fur products, you can buy faux fur completely guilt-free.

2 - It’s great value for money

Real fur often comes at a significant cost, making it out of reach for many of us. The high price is due to the sheer number of animals required to make each product and the lengthy production process. On the other hand, high-quality faux fur delivers the same silky feel and warmth of genuine fur at a much more budget-friendly price.

3 - It’s easy to clean and store

Unlike most genuine fur, which requires expensive specialist cleaning, faux fur products are incredibly easy to take care of. Most can be spot-cleaned, machine-washed, and dried at home without losing their shape. Real fur also needs to be correctly stored to avoid damage from moths, humidity, or fluctuating temperatures, whereas faux fur can be conveniently stored in a cool, dry place all summer long.

4 - It’s long-lasting

Real fur can quickly fade or change colour—especially when dyed—and is prone to shedding. In contrast, high-quality faux fur is incredibly resilient. It may even look better than the real thing after years of regular use or wear, making it perfect for babies’ and children’s products.

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