minimink faux fur blankets in honey

What is faux fur?

Faux fur is an artificial fur fabric made to look and feel like real fur. It is one of the oldest known forms of clothing, introduced to the market in 1929. These early attempts at faux fur were made using alpaca hair. By the 1940s, the quality of faux fur had improved considerably. Today, it is generally made using acrylic polymers. Materials Faux furs are known as pile fabrics, which means they have the appearance and warmth of animal furs. They are attached to a backing using various techniques. The weaving technique is where the fibres are looped through and...

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new minimink owner, Deb Sweeney

Meet the fresh face behind minimink

We sat down with minimink’s new owner, Deb, to learn more about her passion for the brand, her favourite products and how she’s put her unique stamp on our brand.

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